Life Happens.  Now What? ... Some Thoughts on the Matter...


This is me - this is existence through my senses - sharing with you the world as I perceive it. 

Sure, it can be scary baring your soul, but...

He who is not every day conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.


With the natural effort of emergence and in conjunction with necessary and amazing interactions between multiple representations of perspectives in the form of all the beings in my life and every environment I happen to wander through, I present to you Kyla's Kosmos.

Should you chance upon this little letter, with all its faults and all its fetters, may the powers-that-be gift you greatly for trying to interpret what's been in my head lately.

These pages are a work in progress - my creative playground and a place for my process.  They are an evolving composition of my expressions in the form of art, photography, and writing.   All are original works with the exception of cited references such as the Emerson quote above.