Life Happens.  Now What? ... Some Thoughts on the Matter...

Into the Heart of the Storm


Going into the heart of the storm, the heart of your fear, on purpose, is the key to overcoming it.  The challenges that lie ahead are unpredictable yet somehow very familiar.  The looming onslaught of danger appears insurmountable.  The terrain seems treacherous but the fear has already blazed a trail for you to follow.  Follow it back to the place of its origin, past all the twists and turns that it produced on its way to where you are now, lurking behind you in the shadows.

Turn around and face it, look it in the eye, listen to it whimper as you shine the light of your awareness on it.   Feel it’s pain, for its pain is your pain, unattended, left to drag itself after you in an attempt to stay whole, tragically leaving bits and pieces of itself behind like breadcrumbs.  Follow your fear back to the moment of its conception and dispel its power.  Pick up the lost pieces of yourself along the way and gain strength with every step.   You may be surprised at how quickly the reintegration happens or it may take many attempts to find your way, for the heart of fear is illusive and protects itself at all costs.

With all the courage you can muster and a dash of luck that comes with every leap of faith go into your fear, it’s all you’ve got to loose.  The view from the other side of this epic journey is simply breathtaking.