Life Happens.  Now What? ... Some Thoughts on the Matter...

A Sighing

There is a sighing
that follows the timing
of the fall of the sun
when daylight is dying.

It's sad and it's happy
like the loss of a friend
to the daring adventure
that begins at life's end.

It's deep and it's soulful.
It cannot be stopped.
Sometimes it happens
when a heart has been dropped.

Sometimes it happens
When one's been uplifted.
In either case
The kosmos is shifted.

A Free Spirit

A Free Spirit rides on the winds of the world,

floats on the breeze of a sunny afternoon,

and whistles a song between moist lips.  

A Free Spirit cries in empty canyons,

destroys with raging storms on open seas,

erodes mountainsides,

and howls across empty skies.

A Free Spirit gasps with surprise,

lilts with laughter,

and whispers through the leaves,

but only ever hushes in the still of the moment, with all the rest of existence swirling about.