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                                     You First

Speak my name; bring me into existence in your story. Make your world just a little bit bigger by allowing me into it.  There is no better but by way of what we believe is better...broader maybe.  See my face and let my smile remind you that you are loved.  Let my eyes reflect your own infinite nature and may you find peace in your soul through these pools of compassion.  Feel my presence, in your thoughts, let my formless self envelope your effort and give you a place to rest.

Know my heart, that it is your heart, feel the pain that moves through it like a river of blood with an endless source and let it go.  Release my grief into the ocean of ever-churning emotion so that it may tumble away it's sharp and defining edges until it forgets itself and washes up on some distant shore in another form.  A form found to be beautiful by a surprised and delighted beholder who has been searching for just this moment longer than a lifetime.

Now, rendered unrecognizable to itself, our suffering finally has a chance to be the beauty at the end of a long-awaited journey. The constituent parts of chemical processes and perplexed perspectives eroded down, down, down until the building blocks are free to become something different once again.  Not right or wrong but by way of being believed to be as such...more complex maybe.  Folding in on itself, again and again, twisted and pulled, reaching toward the light of sustainability, believing it has a chance to be a lasting love.  Blissfully unaware that it is sentenced to the infinite emergence of unknown possibilities made manifest in countless variation.

Invite me in so that we may go about the business of getting this done before we forget what we have determined to do. Touch my skin so that I may remember why I have form. Gently beckon my heart to trust once again and we will walk a path of wondrous adventure, constantly exploring the nature of our Self in childlike innocence and with an ever-present awareness of primordial newness.

Call out my name so that I may answer to myself in this echo chamber of madhouse mirrors. Let us gape in awe at the bewildering mystery of it all. Let us fall down laughing until we cry and have to crawl our way back out of shared Oneness into the dark night of the unknown, alone. Holding on to nothing but a faint memory of another that was not other than Us. We go forth seeking the spark of recognition. All we need is that spark in the darkness, and our imagination does the rest, luring us once again onto the roller coaster of duality.

Let us summon each other and we will sit together as one breath, quietly observing the thread of the spider floating in the warm air and reflecting the brilliant light of the sun. Witness to the force of existence in all that is, accepting the state of affairs just as they are, and allowing us to be Our Self without judgment but with conscious recognition of presence.

Reach out to me from inside yourself so that I may reach into you as you reaching into yourself and bless Our every moment of being.  Or were you waiting for you to go first?

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