Life Happens.  Now What? ... Some Thoughts on the Matter...




Finding Peace

Colored Pencil

In the Whoa!

There is a passion
that flies into fashion
when the planet seems lost
and logic's on ration.

It spurs us to act
or support those who do.
Old values come back
or we try something new.

The imminent end
is an ongoing trend,
baiting and waiting
behind every bend.

The perpetual wave
always ready to crash.
Don't save for the grave;
have a bash with your stash!

Or else look to the squirrels,
who gather their goods
as the whole thing unfurls
and then head for the woods.

And then there are some,
with intentions kept mum,
who prey on the others
who are sure it will come.

If the world doesn't burst
(which usually it doesn't),
it'll be in for the worst!
(since this time it wasn't).

We take a short break
from our fear and our worry,
breath a sigh of relief
and then get in a hurry.

Have a party or two!
Some will pray and some sin
while they wait for the

new end to begin.

Of course, there are those
who know how this goes.
They ride the Big tide
as it ebbs and it flows.

They just keep on going
like they do every day,
calm in their knowing
that there is a way

to keep sight of the light
as it dims and it glows,
when it hides and it shows
life's yeses and nos.

Their passion you see
is for life as it be:
a nice placid lake,
or a dark raging sea.

They're mostly on track
and they barely look back,
with ease as they please
because they have a knack

for taking the time
to focus the mind.
Not easy but worth it
they say you will find.

And if they get thrown?
They don't bitch and moan.
They're thankful and grateful
'cause in someway they've grown.

And what would they do
if the world were to pop?
Well, whatever they're doing
would probably just stop.

If the whole world does blow
at the end of this show
they won't make a fuss
when it's their time to go.

They deal with the Wheel
as it reels to and fro.
High or low, stop or go,
they're at one with the Whoa!

Letting It Be