Some older, darker corners of myself.

The Thump in My Chest


There is a beating
that's synched with a breathing 
which follows no heart

except the one it is feeding.

It pounds under preassure
and skips when it's touched.
It hates to be broken
but loves a good crush.


In Spite of the Loss


There is a feeling 
that comes with the healing 
of a heart lost to love
when the devil was dealing.

It's cold like a winter
that lasted too long,
killed off your weakness,
revealed where you're strong



There is a light
that comes with the sight
of things oft unseen
but in shadowy dream.

It shows what is hidden
and allows the forbidden
a place in this world
with no punishment given.


Life Happens.  Now What? ... Some Thoughts on the Matter...


Amid Dreamer's Night